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Princess Hat

My first princess has arrived!  Her daddy stopped by my table several times checking out the hats before he decided this was the perfect one for the little girl he had on the way.  It is easy to see why with two wonderful shades of pink, glittery edging and a decorative accent that looks royal.  Saw a picture of the beautiful new arrival with her head full of dark hair.  Can’t wait to see her in the hat!


Boys Love Trucks

I’ve learned that when in doubt as what to do next on a hat for a girl, add a flower.  It isn’t always quite so clear as to what a “boy” hat should look like, especially if you are using something other than a traditional blue yarn.  So I was delighted when I found a freight truck button that I could add to this fun, varigated orange and cream hat.  It reminds me of the matchbox cars and trucks that many little boys always have in hand.

Yummy Layer Cake

This hat started with a little leftover “lemon” yarn.  Had some pretty “strawberry” of the same type of yarn so just continued with that.  I loved the two colors together!  It was starting to look like layer cake to me, so I added a little icing with a lacy look on the bottom and gave it a ruffle trim between layers.  Voila!  Good enough to eat.  I asked my friend, Karen Bertine, what she thought of my cake and she said it looked like sherbet to her.  What do you think?

Floppy-brimmed Orchid Hat

I had already figured out that really big flowers were a hit when I started this hat. So what could I do to make this one a little different?  Well, summer was coming and that sunshine is awfully bright for little ones so maybe a brim would be good!  This one is in a slightly different stitch than the body of the hat which helps to distinguish it as a “brim”.  I still put on a flower but this time I trimmed part of the flower and the edge of the brim with a varigated crochet thread.  I love it and so does everyone at the coffee shop.  Hope you will too!

When I found a pattern for a crocheted rose, I knew a red hat was in order.  It is perfect for the 4th of July or Christmas yet simple enough to wear year round.  The edging around the bottom gives it a feminine look without being “over the top” girly.  One of my favorites with its classical charm.

20120703-070902.jpgThis delightful hat started when I decided to use up some organic cotton that I had stashed away. It made up nice and soft, just as I had imagined. When I added the bright red brim, I realized that it looked like an old-fashioned sock monkey. It had wide appeal as it sold about 30 minutes after I finished it. I can’t wait to make another with that soft, soft yarn.

So what could be better than a hat with a big flower?  One that is bigger than big, of course.  This one certainly fits that description with its four layers of pink and white.  I sewed the front brim up under the flower (a little hard to tell in this picture, I know) which helps to frame a sweet little face.  It looks so square because I put it on a roll of toilet paper to photograph it…clearly not the best choice!  Watch for a baby picture featuring this hat coming soon on

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I have been knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidering since childhood. It is great fun to combine many of these activities in handcrafting hats and other apparel for wee ones. I'm delighted that you have found my site and hope you enjoy browsing through my latest creations.

Most of the hats are made with 100% cotton. Prices range from $25 to $35 depending on time required in making that design. I also custom design hats and other apparel for special occasions or to match the colors of your favorite team. Just let me know what you have in mind!

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