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When you are knitting or crocheting as much as I have been lately, sometimes you just need to get up and walk around. That can be a bit of a problem as your yarn trails behind you. I decided to make a little lightweight bag that I could wear to hold my yarn so that I could work and walk at the same time…hence, the “walkabout”! I used some fabric from an old sample book that I had which is why the sides are two different colors. I put a zipper in the top so that I could keep my yarn from pulling out and attached some simple nylon cord. Then I punched an eyelet in one side for the yarn to come through. It works great! Now I just have to be careful of where I’m walking when I’m looking at my work at the same time. 🙂


Sometimes traditional baby colors are just what is called for, as in this pale pink and cream hat. With the open stitch work, detailed flower and a button center, this turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. It went home this morning with someone who agreed. What do you think?

Soft pink and cream

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Soft rose with antique looking trim

I am amazed at how many different shades of pink you can find when you really pay attention.  This particular one is called rose.  It is a lovely, softer shade of pink than my other bright pink so it seemed to call for a softer looking trim as well.  The flower and scalloped edge are almost antique-looking next to the pink and have a variegated thread edging.  I love the button I found to place at the center of my flower.  Perfect for the girly-girls out there.

I fell in love with this ribbon the minute I laid eyes on it. I was delighted to see that the hippo was a perfect match for my orchid-colored yarn, making for a bright, cheerful hat for some lucky newborn. It went home with someone just this morning, so now I get to make another!

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At least that is what they might call this collection in the world of music! Made the green one first, as another gender neutral hat option. Liked it so much that I continued with pink and blue. By that time it became a study in color, noting how different the hats looked by leaving the row pattern the same but changing colors. Great fun for me and a way to have a colorful collection of baby beanies, all ready to go to a new home.


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Blue Times Two

I don’t know if it was the cute penguins or the beautiful blue colors but these two sold before I even got a good picture taken of them!  No worries — I can always make more.  The slightly chunkier look of the 100% cotton makes these hats appropriate no matter the season.  Wouldn’t they look cute on a set of boy twins?

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I have been knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidering since childhood. It is great fun to combine many of these activities in handcrafting hats and other apparel for wee ones. I'm delighted that you have found my site and hope you enjoy browsing through my latest creations.

Most of the hats are made with 100% cotton. Prices range from $25 to $35 depending on time required in making that design. I also custom design hats and other apparel for special occasions or to match the colors of your favorite team. Just let me know what you have in mind!

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